Getting Involved

Sharing the Ministry
Just as He called his apostles by name, through our baptism Jesus has called each of us to use the gifts which have been entrusted to us build up the kingdom of God -- the body of Christ. Each of us has has been iniquely blessed with talents, skills, temperaments, life experiences and resources. It is through this diversity of gifts that the needs of the community and the world are met.  We live as disciples of Jesus and stewards of his mission by nurturing and cultivating God's gifts -- including the gift of life itself -- and by sharing them generously with love and gratitude. 

There are many opportunities both within the parish and out in the community to respond to the call to be "good and faithful stewards."  Those ministries are described throughout the website.  Use the navigation bar to the left to move through the site.  There you will find contact information for each ministry.

For more information on serving in any of the parish ministries or outreach projects or to identify and explore ways to use your unique gifts, contact us via email.