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The Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Spirituality

The Eucharistic Liturgy is called the "Source and Summit" of the life of the Church.  
The Sunday celebration of Eucharist is the center of the parish's worship life.  
Daily Mass, the celebration of sacraments outside of the Mass, and private devotional prayer such as Eucharistic Adoration
each complement the weekly celebration of the Liturgy. (Mass Schedule here

For information on any of the liturgical ministries, contact any one of the coordinators listed


Music ministry includes the adult choir at the 9:00 Mass, Teen Choir at the Sunday 5 p.m. Mass, a small ensemble at the 11:00 Mass, and a children's choir.  Music minitsry is open to those of all ages and skill levels. Contact Larry Orque to learn more.



Sacristans prepare the vessels, hosts, books, and linens for each liturgical celebration.  Usually, sacristans are trained as EMHCs.  This ministry takes about 20 minutes prior to and after each Mass.  Anyone who is Confirmed and in good standing with the Catholic faith is eligible for this ministry. Please contact Sacristan


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

These individuals assist at each mass in the distribution of Holy communion.  Anyone who is Confirmed and in good standing in the Catholic faith is eligible for this ministry.  Other such ministers take Communion to the sick and homebound on behalf of the entire parish community.  Contact Ann Dougherty



Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Sunday and weekday Masses.  They receive training and encouragement, and are expected to prepare their proclamation thoroughly and carefully, through prayer and practice. A helpful workbook is provided, along with gentle but specific evaluation.  Anyone who is a Catholic in good standing, high school age and up, may serve in this ministry.  Teens who are not yet confirmed must be enrolled in the Confirmation preparation.  Contact Bob Dougherty

Altar Servers

Boys and girls from grades 4 through 12 may serve as altar servers.  High school seniors and graduates may continue serving as long as they wish, and may take on additional responsibilities based on this ministry, such as master of ceremonies for special celebrations, training assistant, and sacristian.  Contact the Parish Office

Liturgy of the Word for Children

This liturgy takes place during the 9:00 Mass on Sunday mornings.  Children in grades K through 4 are sent from the main assembly to a nearby space where they celebrate the Liturgy of the Word in a simplified, yet equivalent format. 

Pre-registration is NOT required. Leaders must have a love of both the Liturgy and an understanding of effective communication with children.  Training is provided, and leaders and volunteers work as teams. Interested?
Contact: Rosa Rama

Altar Society

Altar Society members care for the altar linens, vestments, and related articles used in the liturgy.  Careful attention to detail and a desire to serve "behind the scenes" are essential.  For further inquiry, contact Sacristan


Art & Environment Committee

This group designs, prepares, and implements beautiful visual environments for the liturgy.  Business meetings take place monthly or as needed in busier seasons, and work  Friday mornings.  Many of our members  have   design experience and capability, while others enjoy working together to execute the many important details of the liturgical environment. To have the ministry co-ordinator contact you, please send email to Rich Lodyga at

Funeral Planning

The funeral celebration generally has three parts:  An evening vigil including prayers and shared memories of the departed, the Mass of Resurrection, usually the following morning, and Interment of the remains. At the Mass of Resurrection (the funeral Mass), the body of the departed is present, either in a closed casket, or in the form of cremated remains.  
Funeral liturgy planning may take place at the time of the death of a loved one, or in advance, if desired.  To schedule a funeral at the time of the death of a loved one or to plan in advance, please call the parish office at 949-492-4101. The appropriate members of the pastoral staff and Bereavement Ministry will contact you promptly to complete the liturgy planning process.
When considering funeral plans, please keep these points in mind:  Cremation is accepted in the Church today.  But cremated remains are expected to be treated as if they were the intact body in a casket.  This means that cremated remains should not be divided nor combined, nor kept in the home for any extended period of time. Scattering of cremated remains, whether at sea or on land is not consistent with the Church’s teachings on the treatment of human remains.   Burial of cremated remains at sea (not scattering) is permitted by the Church, but requires permission of the proper civil authorities.
Military honors, including gun salutes and the flag ceremony, are generally performed at the place of burial, though an honor guard may be present during the Mass.